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January 2009
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agsara [userpic]

So Uncle David and Bean are going to Atlanta. They're going to see Uncle T. J., and it's fine with me if I don't go see Uncle T. J., 'cause he's weird. Also, he doesn't like the original Star Trek, so why even bother?

Bean told us that Ivy should go. When Bean told her, she got way excited.

"That's the grooviest thing ever!" she shouted. "I'm going to go get all my eight track tapes right now for the ride down there! I hope you guys like ABBA as much as I do!"

Jess looked at me as Ivy zipped off humming Dancing Queen.

"See," she said, "I can't decide if Kirsten and Nellie are more humiliating to have around, or if Ivy is." Which is pretty true. We'll have to teach Ivy to listen to Air Supply or whoever on her iPod.


Wow. Actually before I ever heard that song, I had no clue who abba was...but...Ivy's bringing eighttracks? Do those even come in doll sized? I can't remember if that Julie set has some or if it's just records. You guys have ipods? Only Mischa has one here but she lets some of us borrow it sometimes.

I think Kirsten and Nellie are awesome-Nellie does still have her hairbow on?