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January 2009
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agsara [userpic]
Hair Color

So, I've had a wild thought today --

You think I should put more colors in my hair?

Or different ones?

I was considering adding some new streaks to my blue -- because my blue hair is TOTALLY NATURAL REALLY I SWEAR IT. Maybe green? Teal? No pink, though. Pink would look stupid in my hair anyway. Light blue?


Go for the blue!

I think you should go for the light blue, too.

Hmm, it depends on how much contrast you want. Light blue would look really good, but I think a couple tiny strips of yellow or orange would really pop.

A red or orange stripe on either side of the totally natural blue stripe would look really cool, I think. Or you could find two different shades of blue to do the same thing.


What about bright red? Or light blue, since your light blue shirt goes well with your hair. One of my sisters almost got silver, but our person decided not to.

Dude, put a whole entire rainbow in your hair! Then you can be a natural rainbow-head.

That could be pretty cool. Keziah is always striping her hair different colors. Right now she has orange streaks in her hair.