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January 2009
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agsara [userpic]
Hair Again

Wah! Bean says she's making me wash my hair today! I don't have to do the whole Downy thing, but Bean insists that I do wig shampoo "to get some of the goo or whatever the heck" out of my hair. I don't understand why I'm washing Mr. Goo out of my hair.

Maybe after that I can get to dying it again.

But, still, a whole day of laying still while my hair dries is no fun. I'd better get something awesome for this. Like a puppy. Or six.

I decided that maybe Mini Molly should wash her hair too, but when I looked into those little bitty glass gray eyes I just couldn't tell her. Maybe I just need to work on my cute looks.


What you should do is get lots of exercise before your hair needs to be washed so you'll be tired and won't want to move while it dries.