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January 2009
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agsara [userpic]

Does anyone really hate having to be smarter than their human?

Like when your human comes home out of a snowstorm at midnight and she's coughing and you have to force her into some pajamas and into bed?

Or when your human wakes up and she's still all stopped up and you more or less have to force the Mucinex down her throat?

Life's just awesome.


Kaya's like that for me. I try to make it up to her with new stuff. Think what horrid shape Bean'd be in if it wasn't for you!


Hey Sara... have you ever considered making a Facebook account? It would be pretty cool! I know i would be in pretty bad shape it it wasn't for my awesome dolls.

Sara, you should start blogging again. I miss reading your posts :(

Hope you're all doing well. We'll try to write soon :)