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January 2009
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agsara [userpic]
Chinese New Year

Bean had to play a Chinese New Year gig today, and let us tag along.

You don't expect musicians to show up anywhere without feeding them. Bean says it's because they're bad people. So, between rehearsal and the real gig, they handed out these hot boxes of food. We shared one.

It came with these stringy noodles that Ivy swore was meat. It was good, sort of sweet-like. It had the strangest egg, though. It wasn't oval like a chicken egg; it was more round I guess? It was green on the inside, though, and tasted salty.

I overheard Bean and her friend talking about how it was 'traditional' cuisine, the sort you can only get in a Chinese restaurant if you're Chinese, so I should have figured it out right there.

Bean turned to us. "I can't believe you're enjoying that stuff."

"It's pretty good," said Kirsten. "I really like the noodles."

"What?" She looked straight at Ivy. "Ivy Ling, you didn't tell them what they were eating?"

Ivy giggled. "But they seem to like beef intestine and pickled platypus egg -- "


I don't think I've ever seen Jess hork up anything that fast.


Didn't you guys eat fish crackers by accident once? Of course Kirsten would like it. I bet they ate bear guts and stuff back on the prairie.

Wow, I can't believe you remembered that.

I asked Kirsten, and she said that on the prarie, "you eat all the parts of the bear that don't eat you."

Whoa! That's got to be stinky! Although Alia says it sounds yummy. YUCK!!!

I'm late to the party but AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

... haha!

... (ewwwwwwww!)


yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont think sarah will get ivy...(this was molly,sarahs 2nd ag doll)yucky blucky foodz n stuff(this was sallyjoe,sarahs 1st agdoll)