Little Miss Blue Head

The World is Different When You're A Foot And A Half High

17 April
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My name is Sara, and I'm a doll! My human, bean_bunny says a collector would call me a PM AGOT 17. Those letters mean nothing to me, though, as I am ME.

I also have blue hair! It's natural, I promise. *cough*

I live with my best friend, Kirsten Larson, who came to this house one year before me. Jess McConnel and Nellie O'Malley also live here, but they came really recently.

I'm in the fourth grade, I LOVE to play my viola (NOT MY VIOLIN THANK YOU SO MUCH), and I'm good at computers. My favorite toys are my Mini Molly doll and my teddy vulcan that Kirsten made me, T'Bear. Friend me!